Need Personalized Harassment/Boundary Coaching? CM Can Help!

Employers must take immediate corrective action where workplace investigations substantiate claims of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or bullying. Critical Measures has worked with employers all over the country to provide private, personalized, confidential harassment and boundary coaching to employees. Our coaching has helped to correct problematic behavior, rehabilitate employee’s careers and avoid repeat offenses.

Critical Measures consultants have worked with top company executives (including CEOs, COO’s and CFO’s), doctors, lawyers, teachers, salespeople and others to sensitively and effectively correct offensive workplace behavior. As a result of our good work, we now are on a retainer with several leading multinational corporations to handle instances of offensive workplace conduct as they arise.

In working with individuals accused of harassment or other workplace misconduct, our approach is not one of “shame and blame.” We tell our clients that we are not psychologists out to psychoanalyze them or lawyers out to judge them. Rather, our role is that of a coach – someone who knows the rules of the game and is out to keep our clients safe and in the game.

For further information about how CM’s personalized harassment or boundary coaching services can help your organization, please call David Hunt at 612-746-1375.