Comprehensive organizational assessment plays an important role in enhancing employee satisfaction, organizational culture, customer service/relations, and i the medical field: the quality of patient care. Our thorough assessment process identifies strength and problem areas and helps you adapt your systems, policies and practices to achieve lasting organizational change.

Corporate and Organizational Assessment

Diversity Workforce Assessment

Recruitment, hiring, retention, productivity, morale — all can be affected by overlooked organizational diversity issues. Diversity assessment can identify these issues and help refine training processes to address your organization’s specific concerns.

Our customized assessments focus on employee satisfaction, workforce culture, perceptions of service to diverse constituents, legal issues, management responsiveness and issues of race, gender, GLBT, disabilities, age, religion, nationality and language. These electronic surveys save time and collect valuable data that factors into diversity training programs. Focus groups may also be used to gather anecdotal information from employees.

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To learn more about specialized Diversity Assessment for healthcare and hospitals, visit CMElearning.

Healthcare-Related Assessment

CLAS-Based Organizational Assessment

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services encourages healthcare organizations to conduct cultural competence assessments and diversity training. Assessments help providers identify how they compare to the standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS).

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Language Access Audit

Approximately 80 percent of hospitals in the U.S. provide care for Limited English Proficient patients, yet less than one-third dedicate quality assurance efforts toward improving language access services. This audit can help with the legal and QA issues of federal and state laws as well as best practices.

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Provider Cultural and Linguistic Competence Assessment

Despite seeing a growing number of immigrants and international travelers, few U.S. physicians have received formal training in cross-cultural medicine. Our cultural competence assessment covers the key areas of knowledge and takes only a few minutes for doctors to complete. Through this assessment, you will be better equipped to address how to train medical staff in global medicine and language access law.

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