The Critical Measures team engages in employee, management and executive consulting as well as speaking engagements. Please contact us to request our expertise for your organization or event.


When issues with harassment and discrimination arise, Critical Measures can provide confidential, personalized consultations to resolve the problem. Organizations across the U.S. trust have us on retainer to provide assistance as needed.

Keynote Speeches

Critical Measures President and CEO David B. Hunt speaks at many national conferences and organizational events about diversity law, cross-cultural healthcare and language access law. Contact us for David’s availability to speak on the topics below.

  • Diversity Law
    • The Business Case for Diversity (in business, law and medicine)
    • Workforce Productivity and Engagement – The Diversity Connection
    • Employment Law as Diversity Law
    • How Diversity Training Can Create Liability For Your Company – And What to Do About It
  • Cross-Cultural Competence
    • Cultural Competence in Healthcare
    • Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare
    • Understanding the Science of Bias: Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Mental Processes (in law, patient care and employment decisions)
  • Language Access Law
    • The Law of Language Access in Healthcare
  • Company Culture
    • From Microinequities to Microaffirmations – Changing Your Company’s Business Culture
    • Cracking the Code of Culture – Understanding 10 Core Cross-Cultural Value Differences
  • Management
    • Managing a Diverse Workforce
    • Managing Across Cultures
    • Managing Cross Cultural Conflict Using the Intercultural Conflict Style Assessment
    • Global Business Skills for a World That is Flat
    • Diversity Skills as Survival Skills for White People
    • Managers as Complaint Handlers – New Skills for Perilous Times
    • Diversity as America’s Secret Advantage in a World Gone Flat

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