About Critical Measures

Founded in 2001, Critical Measures is a corporate training and management consulting firm that works to enhance organizational performance as it relates to global business, diversity and cross-cultural communication. The company has gained prestigious national clients in the corporate, banking, healthcare, education, law, government and nonprofit sectors. Signature clients have included Aetna, Microsoft and the American Medical Association, among many others.  With a specialization in cross-cultural healthcare, we are known for evidence-based assessments as well as the development of the first online training programs to address global medicine and language access law.

An Evidence-Based Approach

One of our distinguishing factors is our application of industry-specific research findings to achieve measurable results. Our customized programs and in-depth knowledge translate into highly effective training, consulting and elearning programs that serve as catalysts for organizational change.

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Legal and Clinical Expertise

Critical Measures provides expertise in legal as well as clinical healthcare matters. President and CEO David Hunt is an attorney and expert in employment and civil rights law. His knowledge of language access law and cultural competence includes years of experience assisting clients with issues of diversity and global business.

In addition, by partnering with interdisciplinary physicians who specialize in global medicine, we formed CM Elearning and created the first clinically based online training programs of their kind. By sharing our current knowledge, we give managers, physicians and others the tools to address diversity and inclusion issues.

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CM Elearning

Through CM Elearning, Critical Measures introduced two online courses that are the first of their kind. “Language Access and the Law” and “Viewpoints: Clinical Competence in a Globally Mobile World” represent the first ever CME-accredited online training courses to address language access and global medicine for physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers. To request a demo and learn more about these courses, please visit www.cmelearning.com.


Minnesota State Bar Association

American Hospital Association